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I'm excited! To help support boys as their parents coach them to win the Reading Game, I created a website called


As I sat down to write the companion playbook for boys, Win the Reading Game: The Ultimate Reading-Reboot Playbook for Boys, I realized something HUGE:

If boys are starting Phase 1 of the Game because they resist reading, why then would I only support them in a book?

It's not how I supported the boys I taught or coached. Not even close. 

What I did instead, during the critical first 30 days of the Game, was:

  • talked to them face-to-face 
  • shared real-time stories about my habit-transformation process and challenges
  • provided motivation and let them know they weren't alone

Because their parents were doing the heavy-lifting coaching at home following the Initiate Game Plan, it was my responsibility to complement and support their coaches while they were at school. 

So, my burning question became: How can I create that same type of support for boys I don't get to see on a regular basis? 

And my answer: By starting the Book Talk Blog and Take 30 Vlog Series.

The blog let's me write short and sweet tips on helping boys find books they want to read. Click here to check it out. 

​The vlog series (video blog) allows me to talk directly to the boys in a way they can get to see me, hear me, and know me, that just reading words on the page can't do.

Here's what I wrote to boys about it: 

Take 30 Vlog Series... What is it?

When transforming a non-habit into a new habit (not reading to reading, not moving to moving), it's important to know that you're not alone. That's why I'm sharing my Moving Game transformation with you over the next 90 days.

For the last year and a half, I haven't moved very much at all. And just like not reading shortchanges your brain health, not moving shortchanges my physical health.

Both reading and moving are critical life habits to develop, maintain, and expand, but their both very hard to start when they're not part of your daily routine. During the Take 30 Vlog Series, I will share the highs and lows and failures and successes of my 90-day Moving Game to help you understand what to expect during the three phases of the Reading Game.

Each vlog will be in real time as I move through each day and each phase until I win the Moving Game.

Here's to us taking 30...You to grow and me to move!

We've got this!

To check out the videos I've made so far, click here. 

My hope is that the companion playbook for boys, Book Talk Blog, and Take 30 Vlog Series, supports, motivates, and shows boys that they are not alone while playing the Reading Game.

And for you, the coach, I hope by creating a variety of resources for your son, besides the four game plans in Real Boys Read, I've given you options, peace of mind, and confidence that you've got this!

Would love to hear your thoughts about Please leave your reply in the comments. 


Hillary Tubin

Hi, I’m Hillary Tubin, the straight-talking Boy-Responsive Literacy Consultant for parents ready for a different approach so that their 9-14-year-old sons WILL read books: no gimmicks, quick fixes or one size fits all.