Boys and Books Parent Workshop 

Why are boys underperforming in reading compared to girls?  

​What do boys need to read and succeed? 

How can parents reshape reading for boys at home so they thrive academically and in life? 

In a dynamic, action-oriented workshop for parents, I answer these three questions and so much more! 

During the Workshop, parents learn:

  • Why shrugging off their son's lack of reading is a bad investment for his future
  • The 10 Building Blocks boys need in place so they will read.
  • The #1 secret to initiating the daily reading habit with boys.

Are you a parent worried because your son isn't a self-directed reader? 

Do you find yourself hoping and wishing your son would stop playing video games/watching television/being on social media/etc. and read a book for a change?

Or are you frustrated because your son only reads when you force him to, but you're worried he's missing out on something, so you keep fighting and struggling to get him/them to read?

You're not alone. Many parents I worked with felt the same way and so did I. I constantly found myself behaving and sounding like a reading referee with boys. At one point, the struggle to get them to be excited about reading books made me so sad and tired, I almost gave into the commonly held belief “Boys just don't read," even though it went against everything I passionately stood for.

This scared me. So, I set out to learn all I could about preteen/early teen boys and reading. Hoping something would click. And it did.

Here's the BIG secret I discovered...

Boys will read, even boys who struggle with reading WILL read, just not how we imagine and expect it should happen. I uncovered through my research and talking to boys why they were always resisting, fighting and devaluing reading in their spare time.

With this critical information in hand, I pinpointed what I call the 10 Building Blocks and the commitment and willingness to develop and use them for your son is what I call being boy-responsive.

Boy-Responsiveness and the 10 Building Blocks are the foundation and support parents need to put in place at home before 9- to 14-year-old boys who hate to read will even consider the idea of doing it. 

This means I can't promise special magic dust you can sprinkle or a quick fix, but I can promise deep down, under all the layers and walls he has built against reading, your son does want to be a reader. He just doesn't know why he should or the return on his investment if he does, and he is secretly waiting for someone to explain why and show him how.

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read. -Mark Twain

Imagine your son coming home from school, walking past his favorite tech and reading because he wants to.

Imagine you and your son sitting together, talking about books and both of you enjoying the conversation.

Imagine your son’s future with reading in it.

Benefits of working with me, Hillary Tubin!


During my 20+ year career, I was a literacy educator, facilitator, presenter, and curriculum writer. I have my M.S.Ed in Reading/Writing/Literacy, a K-12 reading specialist and principal certificate, and I'm a National Board Certified Teacher in early adolescence, English/language arts.


I spent my entire career reading, taking classes, hypothesizing, experimenting, writing papers and learning all I could. Everything I share with you about the reading habit is researched and tested with boys ages 9 to 14.


This is your time to be supported as you develop the 10 Building Blocks your son needs you to have in place. You must feel safe to share and debrief, and whatever is discussed stays between you and me.


I'm passionate about supporting parents of preteen/early teen boys as they develop the skills to re-shape reading for their sons.


I've walked in your shoes and know the challenges/frustrations of helping boys want to read. I also know what it takes for them to get excited about reading and can take you there.

Action Steps

The Workshop is action-oriented. You’ll leave with the excitement of knowing what you need to do next.

Sense of Humor

Your son’s reading habit is serious business. Yet, it's also important to see the lighter side, the positive side of initiating the habit with preteen and early teen boys, because it makes the journey much more bearable.

No Judgment

I made every mistake imaginable helping 9- to 14-year-old boys want to read, and I won't ever judge you.


No English, reading or teaching degree required. I break everything down in clear, easy-to-follow and jargon-free language.

Why is it Important to Become Boy-Responsive and Develop the 10 Building Blocks Boys Need to Read?

Many adults aren't aware of this fact, but the unique reading needs of 9- to 14-year-old boys are in direct opposition to how they've been told they should read. This is because boys' reading needs aren't intuitive and they don’t always make sense; they don't fit into the reading mold we've come to expect, and they never will.

Unfortunately, boys aren't aware of why they don’t like to read. All they know and feel is reading equals pain and not pleasure, like the things they enjoy doing in their free time.

No matter how many times you beg your son to read, cajole to get him to read or ask him why he doesn’t want to read, you most likely will hear something along these lines, "I hate reading/there are no good books to read/I'm too busy/only nerds read/I have to read for class, isn't that enough." Because once a boy decides reading equals pain, he's done with it and moves on, never to look back again.

Because who in their right mind would choose to do something painful for 30 minutes every day with no immediate benefits if they don’t have to.

Not 9- to 14-year-old boys, that's for sure!

Except every time your son puts up his hand and says, “No thank you!” to reading, he’s also saying “No thank you!” to these researched benefits of the daily reading habit:

  • Higher all-around academic achievement and test scores
  • Strong reading skills
  • Strong verbal cognitive (thinking) skills and cognitive stamina (mental effort)
  • Improved writing/spelling/language and math skills
  • More fully-developed vocabulary, essential for increased communication skills
  • More expansive background/general knowledge
  • More fully developed empathy, essential for improving people skills
  • More fully developed imagination and intellectual curiosity
  • Reduced stress and reduced or delayed onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia


Someone, just one person is all it takes, commits to his reading habit by becoming boy-responsive and putting into place the 10 Building Blocks.

Now's the time!

​Before your son enters high school is the best window of opportunity to instill the reading habit and show him how reading for 30 minutes a day is a positive, enjoyable, beneficial and rewarding habit for today and his future success.

By booking a Boys and Books Parent Workshop as either a parent, educator, librarian or community advocate, you are not only helping parents reshape reading so their sons will read, you are also creating a community of support.  

Presenting workshop, "Re-shaping Reading for 9- to 14-Year-Old Boys," at UPenn GSE Literacy Conference on October 3, 2016.

How to book a Boys and Books Parent Workshop:

It's easy! 

  • Click on the button below, and it will take you to a simple questionnaire to fill out.  
  • You will receive a response within 24 hours. 

What Others Are Saying:

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me and encourage me and help me. I’m so excited, and I feel more confident after speaking with you. I’m going to do my homework and make reading fun again!

You have been a blessing. God bless you, and thank you so much.

Maritza Alvarez
Mom of an early teen son