Boys and Books

What You Need to Know and Do So Your 9- to 14-Year-Old Son Will Read

This #1 Best-Seller will help you:

  • Believe your son will read: find out why the misconception that boys don't like to read hurts your son’s chances to gain the benefits of reading for pleasure and become the best version of himself. 
  • Re-shape your schedule to include reading: if you can spare 15 minutes a day, you can instill the reading habit in your self-proclaimed non-reading son (for real!) and gain reading’s benefits too. 
  • Appreciate what your son enjoys reading: learn what boys want to read, why research says it is worthwhile for them to read comic books, magazines and newspapers, and tips on how to be okay with your son’s reading choices. 
  • Start your son’s reading habit on the right foot: initiate your son’s reading habit the right way: learn exactly what to say when you talk to your son about his reading so he starts feeling excited and eager to read now.

In This Book You Will Discover:

Why Boys Don’t Read

Gain insight into your son’s behavior and understand the real reasons why he doesn’t read in his spare time. And they’re not what you think.

Practical Action Steps

How to see reading as a self-empowerment tool that helps you, the parent, achieve your own goals, and be the person your son admires and is proud of.

10 Building Blocks to Develop

The 10 things your son needs you, the parent, to understand and put in place before he will read.                         

Bonus Downloads

I created additional resources that will help you apply your newly gained knowledge and awareness into your son’s mind, in your life and home environment right away!

About the Author: Hillary Tubin

Hi, I’m Hillary Tubin, the straight-talking Boy-Responsive Literacy Consultant for parents ready for a different approach so that their 9- to 14-year-old sons WILL read books: no gimmicks, quick fixes or one size fits all.

After reading, researching, hypothesizing and lots of trial and error during my 20+ years as a literacy teacher/facilitator/professional developer/trainer/and curriculum writer, I discovered the secret to mixing boys and books together.

Now I’m passionate about showing you, the parent, the ins-and-outs of what I learned so you, too, can develop a boy-responsive reading mindset, create a boy-responsive reading environment, and instill in your self-proclaimed, non-reading son the 30-minute-a-day reading habit.

I studied at the University of Pennsylvania's (GSE) Reading/Writing/Literacy program where my interests and research focused on the needs of early teen boys and their reading lives. I received my M.S.Ed and reading specialist certificate, and I’m also a National Board Certified Teacher of Early Adolescence/ English Language Arts with K-12 principal certification. 

With all my heart I believe and know boys WILL read because I’ve seen it happen time and time again. My hope is to assist you on your journey of helping your son gain the benefits reading offers him to thrive and become the best version of himself. I’m excited and ready to show you how.

Let’s take the first step together and develop a boy-responsive reading mindset to instill your son’s 30-minute-a-day reading habit!

What Other People Are Saying About Boys and Books

This is a hugely important book that can bring positive change to the future of boys and the men they will become. The research presented demonstrates a frightening path that must be reversed if our boys are to grow into successful men.

As a life-long teacher, I have shared many of the same misconceptions about the importance of what boys were reading. As I read this book I became more attuned to the reading behaviors of the more engaged boy readers in the classroom and thoroughly agree that how and where they read, and their excitement about choosing what they read is all-important in fostering a love of reading.

​The stories of the boys and their families that Ms. Tubin wove throughout Boys and Books made it engaging to read, and I believe that using it, the reader can positively affect the desired outcome by applying the techniques she so clearly outlines.

​Ms. Tubin's methods for parents incorporate her knowledge and success in getting boys engaged in reading, in a straightforward and common sense approach that can be followed easily, as long as one is committed to a successful outcome.

Marcia T

The author, Hillary Tubin, has done an amazing job explaining why reading is important in boys’ lives, going through the remarkable benefits of reading, and showing how to help preteens and early teen boys develop a reading habit.

Even though this book is primarily designed for parents to help their young sons to develop a reading habit, I have found this book so inspiring, practical, and enlightening for myself, as an adult. I didn’t pay much attention to reading growing up, and I never really understood why it was important – until now!

The author goes to incredible lengths to explain the details of this subject, especially from the mindset perspective. Her passion, dedication, and expertise shine through each page. I loved reading about her experiences as a middle school teacher – she truly understands boys, their mindset, and the reading habit at such a deep level. I cannot believe I could relate to so many examples and stories presented in this book, and I really wish I had such an amazing and dedicated person as my teacher, helping me develop a reading habit while growing up.

Luckily, it’s never too late. I started developing my own reading habit thanks to this book, because it provides not only comprehensive information, but also a collection of empowering tools and techniques to implement this information right away!

If you’re a parent of a 9 – 14 year-old boy and you follow the steps carefully designed and brilliantly presented in this book, you will positively transform your son’s life! Developing a daily reading habit is critical to ensure your son’s future success, now more than ever, in our global, knowledge-based economy!

I HIGHLY recommend this transformational book to parents of young boys, but also to anyone who wants to capitalize on the astounding benefits of reading!

Claudia Svartefoss
Best-selling author, Self-Publishing Success Coach,