Fun Facts about Hillary Tubin

  • At the age of 8, I started a list of all the places I wanted to visit because my family never traveled. So far, I've crossed off 20/25 places including: the Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef, the David statue (Florence, Italy), and The Sound of Music film location (Salzburg, Germany).
  • ​I can make a three-petal flower with my tongue. 
  • I love a great stack of pancakes. That's why I travel far and wide searching out the best ones I can find. Right now the winner is Rise in Mystic, CT.
  • My 18-pound cat, Omar, used to get a running start and dive bomb me at 3 AM every morning until I woke up. When I had enough, my friend's mom said the cure was to put him to bed every night in a big dog-sized crate with food and a litter box and wake him in the morning. For one month, I put Omar to bed and woke him up, and it worked. He never dive-bombed me again.
  • I can't drive, operate any heavy machinery, or talk coherently in the morning unless I'm under the influence of coffee. 
  • The only song I can sing in tune is "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music, and I sing it a lot (just ask, I'll be very happy to oblige).
  • I write 1,000 words of fiction every morning at my favorite coffee shop, and the best protagonist I developed by far is a misunderstood 5th-grade boy named Bradley (and not just because his story is based off my own life).
  • The thought of my own middle school dances, leaning against the wall wishing I could get out on the dance floor, still makes me cringe. So when I became a middle school teacher, I decided to do things differently. At every middle school dance, from the first song to the last, I danced my heart out in the middle of the dance floor. And if kids were being wall flowers, I went over and danced my heart out by them until they had no choice but to get up and dance with their friends (to get away from me, but who cared as long as they were dancing). During my ten years dancing, everybody had a great time at the dances, especially me.
  • When I turned 16, my parents got me my very own car: a spray-painted gray Buick Skylark with an eight-track cassette player, broken speedometer, and in the back, a hole in the floor big enough to watch the road. I could also fit seven friends in it and became our designated driver. Somehow we all survived, but what were my parents thinking?