Online Reading Comprehension Course for 6th - 8th Graders

Learn more: Check out the Introduction video to my 6th-8th Grade Reading-Moves Ladder Course  

If your middle school son resists reading or has trouble reaching the higher-order thinking skills when he reads, this online reading comprehension course I created is for him. It's the exact teaching structure I used to successfully transform the way hundreds of my 6th - 8th grade students read and understood books, and I know it can work for your son, too.   

You can access the entire course on Lernsys. The full online video course includes 32 reading-moves strategy lessons and worksheets, 30 practice videos, plus quizzes and parent resources.

Speaking Engagements 

Why are boys underperforming in reading compared to girls?  

​What do boys need to read and succeed? 

How can parents/schools/communities reshape reading for boys at home so they thrive academically and in life? 

In dynamic, action-oriented presentations, I answer these three questions and so much more! 

During the presentations, I focus on...

  • Why shrugging off boys lack of reading is a bad investment for their future.
  • The 10 Building Blocks boys need in place so they will read.
  • Becoming the reading-habit coach boys need.


  • Parent, Educator and Community Workshops
  • Assemblies/Workshops for Boys
  • Short- and Long-term Consulting

My services can help you:

  • Understand why 9- to -14-year-old boys do not read in their spare time (there’s more to it than meets the eye), and the steps educators can take to encourage, support and help parents initiate the daily reading habit at home with their sons
  • Build community within your school/school district and outside of it (parents, libraries, businesses, neighbors) with self-directed reading as the common denominator and the bridge.
  • Use self-directed reading as a foundation and stepping stone for preteen and early teen boys who resist reading so they are motivated to read more complex and rigorous grade-level texts
  • Innovate your curriculum to prepare 9- to 14-year-old boys who resist reading for the strong literacy skills they will need to they thrive, not just survive, in the global, knowledge-based economy they will enter upon high school graduation
  • Incorporate the 10 Building Blocks (the foundation needed so boys will consider reading at home) into your school day to show boys who resist reading you are on the same page as their parents