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The 90-Day Step-by-Step Coaching Plan to Successfully Motivate Your 9- to 14-Year-Old Son to Win the Reading Game

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    Football. Football plays a central role in Real Boys Read, but you don't need to like the game to appreciate the analogy. Motivational quotes from winning college football coaches support what your son needs to read.
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    A Comprehensive Playbook & 3 Done-for-you Game Plans. Includes the 10 plays and action steps that helped over 350 boys to develop the daily home reading habit and the winning coaching plans to take your son from "Book Resister" to "Book Reader" in 90 days.      
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    Companion Playbook for Your Son. So you and your son are on the same page, The Ultimate 10X Reading-Reboot Playbook for Boys supports your coaching, provides space to write his plan and track his status, and helps motivate him to win the Reading Game.      

Real Boys Read

is available on Amazon:

The Companion Playbook for Boys 

Win the Reading Game: The Ultimate 10X Reading-Reboot Playbook for Boys

No More Excuses…No More Sitting on the Reading Game Sidelines

Does your son scratch his head, confused, if someone says they like to read for fun every day?

Does your son know why reading is important, yet he only reads when it's forced on him to do so?

If you answered yes to either question, The Ultimate 10X Reading-Reboot Playbook for Boys is written just for your son!

By investing as little as 20 minutes a day, starting today, to develop the daily home reading habit will make a big difference in what his brain is capable of achieving for him tomorrow.

And with you as his reading-habit coach, everything else he needs to become the best version of himself, the self he deserves to be, is in this playbook.

Win the Reading Game is available on Amazon:

About the Author: Hillary Tubin

Award-winning literacy educator, author of the Boys Will Read | Parent Series, blogger, speaker, and founder/CEO of Boy-Responsive Literacy Consulting, LLC, Hillary Tubin, M.S.Ed, NBCT, shows parents of sons who resist reading how to turn them from a "Book Avoider" into a "Book Reader" in 90 days. With over 20 years of experience helping more than 350 pre- and early- adolescent boys become self-directed readers, she now shares with others through her books and workshops the secret to coaching boys to win the Reading Game.

When she's not helping boys become readers one parent, one school, one community at a time, Hillary loves to travel, eat tasty local foods with her husband, and write middle-grade fiction for boys and women's fiction.

What others are saying about Boys and Books, Book 1 in the Boys Will Read | Parent Series...

“Boys and Books by Hillary Tubin is an important book in what could become a very important series for parents and educators in the United States and eventually the world…I suspect that Hillary Tubin will have a profound and positive effect on the lives of countless boys with the publication of this book and this series. She is observant. She knows boys. She offers excellent suggestions and strategies to parents and everyone else concerned with this problem.” - Ray Simmons, Readers' Favorite Five Star Review

“Having a pre-teen son, it’s refreshing to find a book that empowers parents with practical building blocks, instructions and guidance to get your child to want to read for pleasure at home every day. ‘Boys and Books’, by Hillary Tubin, is a powerful resource that builds a solid foundation to help your child to develop and create a positive reading habit, that will assist and support them not only in their childhood but also throughout their adult life.” – Melita Vlatko-Rulo, Parent

“Boys and Books by Hillary Tubin is revolutionary in the sense that it tackles an age-old problem that has challenged parents and teachers for years in a common sense way that is very readable. This is an invaluable resource for parents of young adolescent boys who have not yet developed the reading habit. I was particularly struck by the author's strong case for parents themselves reading so that the "reading mindset" they instill in their child is authentic.” – Carol Roth, Reading Specialist

Hillary Tubin has created a well-researched and accessible roadmap for all parents and educators who want to engage young boys in reading...She shows us how regular readers develop skills that are critical for success in life. This book is also a pleasure to read; it's as if an encouraging friend were guiding you in a pragmatic way to help your son or student become a lifelong reader. I highly recommend Boys and Books - it will change the way you think about reading! - Dr. Deirdre Kamlani, Director, Parity Partnership


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